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Integrative Process Solutions

At Hagler, we’re committed to providing exceptional service and process support with integrative solutions to the toughest industry problems. We put in the extra time and energy to grasp the nuances of your specific operation, then with all our resources behind us, we work to find the best solutions for your processes. 

Our entire team works collaboratively with each of our clients to come to a full understanding of their fluid-handling processes and challenges. We leverage our experience and skills to recommend the best possible equipment and system integration to completely optimize your processes and increase your plant productivity and profitability. 

Our value-added services also help to ensure your operation can run at peak efficiency sustainably, effectively creating an “integrated solutions” package that you can rely on to maximize your fluid management investment in the long term.


The pump is the heart of fluid movement.

The pump makes all the difference in your fluid system application. As there are thousands of industrial pumps and pump configurations on the market, choosing the right pump system can be a challenge. Our in-house engineers at Hagler are experts in fluid dynamics, and can increase reliability by ensuring the best pump selection is made. We will specify the ideal size and style of pump for your specific application from the best and most reliable manufacturers on the market.

Process Equipment:


Seals are an integral part of fluid processes, and choosing the right seals gives you the power to address many challenges that exist across a variety of applications, such as space limitations, system shocks, high pressure, abrasives, and more. Our team provides innovative sealing solutions for the toughest challenges the industry faces, relying on seals that perform even in the harshest of environments. When it comes to hard-to-seal liquids, Hagler is here to provide support as seal specialists.


Another important piece of process engineering is valve selection. Valves are devices for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe or duct, making it possible to regulate, direct, and control the flow of a fluid while opening, closing, or even partially obstructing passageways within the process. There is a wide range of valve types available for essentially any application, and our team at Hagler is proud to partner with leading brands to present only the best valve products in the industry to our customers. Our valve options and integrated solutions help us ensure our clients’ processes run smoothly, ensuring the best results for them in overall efficacy and productivity.

Mixers & Agitators

Mixers matter. Did you know that improperly mixed materials is one of the greatest causes of product loss and inefficient production? Ineffective mixing can lead to inconsistent quality which only breeds more issues. Our process equipment experts have fluid dynamics down to a science, and the result is consistent and reliable performance. Our mixers are supplied by industry leading manufacturers, and are engineered for consistent mixing and minimal maintenance, resulting in greater performance overall and more uptime for your crew. From industrial mixers for high-viscosity fluids to sanitary mixers optimized for cleanliness, the mixers we use offer invaluable reliability through optimal construction and components durable enough to deliver the batch-to-batch consistency you seek.


Hagler offers a full line of pre-engineered tank systems for a variety of industrial applications, featuring fiberglass and stainless steel tanks for both indoor and outdoor installations. Our pump tank system offerings feature premium efficiency, centrifugal pumps that provide optimal flow and pressure with reduced electrical costs. We also work to ensure proper installation serves to provide added rigidity, safety, and ongoing serviceability of your system.

Heat Exchangers

When it comes to liquid handling, process temperature management is a piece of the puzzle that’s logistically complicated. That said, waste heat recovery is an incredibly effective way for industrial and manufacturing operations to reduce the expense of operations, while also helping to deliver consistent quality. For this reason, our team offers a full line of waste heat recovery equipment, including plate and frame and tubular heat exchangers, from trusted manufacturers. These waste heat recovery tools are engineered to operate efficiently across a variety of operating conditions including extreme temperatures and pressures, tight space, and with challenging materials. These tools offer consistent and long-term performance in waste heat recovery to drive overall production efforts and minimize the need for maintenance.

Custom Skids

At Hagler, we pride ourselves on offering streamlined and custom solutions to all your fluid-handling issues, and we understand that unique process challenges require equally unique solutions. That is why we offer both prefabricated and custom-designed skids that help to isolate and simplify fluid-handling processes within the specific applications of our customers. Our services are backed by extensive industry knowledge, and our team of engineers works collaboratively with our clients to understand their challenges in total in effort to provide skid systems that integrate seamlessly into their processes across an array of industries.


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