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Repair Services

Our repair services are your solution to minimizing downtime and maximizing the lifespan of your equipment. Our expert technicians are committed to delivering top-notch repairs, ensuring that your pumps, valves, and seals are back in prime condition. Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly with our reliable repair services.

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Trim & Balance

Our custom trim and balancing services are designed to optimize the performance of your equipment. Our repair shop houses both a lathe and a balancing machine to achieve precision parts. We can trim impellers and machine parts to custom sizes, and we can balance impellers and rotors to meet strict tolerances for efficient operations.

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Custom Skids

We engineer custom skids to fit customers unique processes. Our application engineers will size and select the correct pumps, motors, piping, fittings, valves, or controls necessary for your skid, and they will design the baseplate for these parts. Our custom skids can act as space savers, help ease of maintenance, be tailored to meet intricate requirements for certain markets, and help a system become more efficient.

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Laser Alignment

Using our portable Easy Laser system, we will laser align your shaft for your rotating machinery both in house or out in the field. Laser alignment systems provide highly accurate measurements, ensuring that machinery operates properly. Shaft alignment can help reduce vibration, bearing failure, leaking seals, coupling wear, and much more.

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Reverse Engineering

Using our ZEISS 3D T-HAWK Hand Scanner, we are able to measure and scan industrial equipment to reverse engineer legacy parts, ensure quality control on custom engineered parts, monitor wear, and develop scan to CAD models.

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Engineered Designs

We custom design systems, test stands, and custom fit pumps and process equipment to an existing system to meet specific requirements of your application. Our designs are tailored to optimize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of the pump system. We head the project from planning and measuring, drawing the blueprint, to 3d designing, and fabricating the system.

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System Design Troubleshooting

We troubleshoot designs for customers by running performance tests and evaluating the current status of the pumps and process equipment. We will inspect the system and analyze data to find the root of the problems causing failure. Our application engineers will troubleshoot to fix problems, increase system efficient, and save money and energy.

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Our Services

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