Repair Services

Revive Your Pump: Repair Services for Peak Performance

Looking for reliable aftermarket repair services? Look no further! Our shop is fully equipped with tools, machinery, and parts stock to have your pump, gearbox, power end, or assembly back up and running in no time. With more than two decades of experience

Comprehensive Procedure

We follow a thorough inspection and rebuild process for each equipment repair. Each product goes through a complete evaluation, a full repair, and necessary performance testing. During the inspection, notes and pictures are taken for a full report to be sent to the customer, and the repair team creates a plan for repair and considers if any parts need to be ordered. During repair we clean, fix, replace worn parts, paint, and prep the equipment to be reinstalled into its system. Finally, we will run pressure and performance testing for necessary applications and to ensure we meet customer requirements.

Dedicated Repair Team

When it comes to repair services, we understand the critical role your equipment plays in your operations. That's why our team of highly skilled technicians is dedicated to providing comprehensive repair solutions that go beyond quick fixes. Whether it's pumps, valves, or seals, we meticulously diagnose issues, perform precision repairs, and conduct thorough quality checks to ensure your equipment not only functions optimally but also serves an extended lifespan. With our commitment to excellence, you can count on us to keep your industrial processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Field Service & Emergency Repairs

We offer field service repairs for customers who can not ship or have their pump picked up, or are experiencing an emergency situation. Our repair technician's will perform an on-site evaluation and repair. For nearby customers, we will uninstall and pick up your pump, as well as deliver and reinstall your pump to get your system back up in running with limited downtime or production interruption.

If you have an emergency pump repair reach out to us at (423)-265-2281

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